MICE Asia Awards 2016 at Suntec Singapore

travel-content-marketing-travelindex-1824Singapore (Singapore) – September 27, 2016 – (travelindex.com) – The second annual MICE Asia Awards ceremony took place today at the Suntec Exhibition Centre Singapore as part of the MICE Asia Exhibition which is held each year in the city.

The event looks to honour those companies playing a defining role in the events and travel industry in the Asia Pacific region. Over 80 companies nominated themselves to take part in the 13 awards in 2016. Hundreds of event and travel professionals turned out to see who had won the awards this year.

The evening commenced with a lively drinks reception provided by Singapore’s own premium drinks supplier Drink Ding’s. Following the drinks reception there some impressive entertainment and lively music before MC Royce Lee hosted the awards.

The judges had an immense tasking sifting through all the entries and coming up with only one winner per category. Their rationale for why they voted the way they did is below:

2016 MICE Asia Pacific Winners
Best Event App 2016 The app or service being submitted must relate to work performed during or relating to the delivering of an event. Judges were looking for the technology that helped improve the quality during the event, the level of which the product or service was innovative, and the actual impact of the technology while being used at the event.

This category was incredibly close, the judges believed that the winner has created a great app with User experience being key, they provide great features to delegates like in depth analytics, social features and games. The community that is created on the app and the real time insights and audience engagement have led to some clear proven results.

Winner: Double Dutch

The Event Management Solution of The Year 2016 This was an incredibly popular category and saw the most amount of nominations for 2016. It has therefore proved to be incredibly difficult for the judges to come to a decision on this category. The judges decided that the winning company showed the best all round package for an event management solution. They were looking for a solution that was flexible, could work for the user and allow them to fully manage all aspects of their event. The judges felt that the winner had created an incredibly user friends solution that was highly functional and fully integrated with functions such as: media, language, payments and receipts. It was their work in China which really stood out to the judges.

Winner: EventBank

Best Event Tech StartupThe event tech market is full with hundreds of exciting new companies offering a broad range of products for the industry. The majority of these are start up companies and focus on bringing new thinking and emerging technology to encourage user engagement. The judges felt that the winner had created a really simple product that tackles the issue of audience engagement – this is especially hard to achieve in Asia as breaking the ice and bringing fun to events can be challenging. The idea of a throwable microphone was they felt incredibly innovative and a lot of fun for the audience.

Winner: Catchbox

Exhibition Venue of the YearThe award focuses on the location, team equipment, technical service quality, operational usage opportunities, parking lot and ancillary services.

It is no doubt that the winning exhibition venue is a flexible and functional venue in a good location. The judges were impressed by its multifunctionality, interactive floorplans and their advancement in technology. The Newly renovated and excellent exhibition facilities really stood out as being very popular. The flexibitlity, large number of rooms and amount of space available, make this a clear favourite amongst the judges. On top of this the location has really allowed it stand out from the crowd, the ecosystem around the venue has been great for businesses with hotels, catering and shopping nearby.

Winner: Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre

Most Inspiring MICE Venue One of the most critical aspects of any successful MICE event is the inspiration that can be found and feeling galvanized from beyond the MICE venue itself. An inspiring venue gives you the meeting experience like no other. The judges were very passionate in their reasoning for why this entrant should win the award. They described the winner as a: beautiful venue in a fantastic location, where a broad range of events could be held, a truly inspiring venue with great aesthetics, legacy, history and clearly a landmark for the city. With truly Impressive architecture, a unique experience of having events in supreme court terrace, and great view from padang deck

Winner: National Gallery Singapore

Hotel & Event Facilities of the Year As we always say, it’s simply down to the experience of your guest and this hotel gives you exactly that . The level of luxury is second to none, the guests get a unique feeling simply when entering the hotel. The state-of-the-art facilities and high culinary expertise in the property also checks the remaining boxes and would be a great place for guests whether it’d be for leisure or for a scheduled event. The venue has a great pillarl less ballroom and the size allows it hold a whole range of different sized events, this makes it the go to event for high level government events.

Winner: The Shangri-la Singapore

Conference Venue of the Year A conference venue that is easily accessible and in a prime location can often be a deciding factor when booking an event. A venue needs to set the right tone for a conference to ensure that delegates leave with the right impression about the host. An extra component that it is becoming increasingly essential for a good conference venue is technology. With the rise of the mobile workforce and the need to stay connected while on the move, the technology requirements for events and meetings have evolved.

The winning conference venue has the size and capabilities to handle what different conferences require in a bespoke manner. Their infrastructure also differentiates their venue by giving delegates a memorable experience that they would not forget. The winner has received a huge number great reviews by guests, clients and the MICE industry as a whole. In particular about their technical capabilities and overall service have been singled out for praise. They are able to arrange inspired meetings in a modern and flexible conference venue

Winner: Borneo Convention Centre Kuching

Event Management Company of the Year The judges were looking out to see if the entrant has achieved their event objectives in the aspects of project planning, teamwork, and leadership while ensuring that the event was of a high quality for their clients.

The winner of this award has demonstrated in their portfolio the quality of service and strong experience they bring through the various small to large projects they handle. They were described by the judges as a very well managed company that can deliver all types of cost-effective event solutions to a wide variety of client and audiences. Their events are said to be really creative and inspirational.

Winner: Concept Communications

Event Supplier Contractor of the Year One of the important points behind every successful event is the reliability of your vendors and suppliers, therefore this category is aimed at recognizing the company that has delivered outstanding service and added great value for their client.

The winners is much more than a phenomenal furniture rental supplier. They expand their services into 3D rendering and consulting to ease the lives of clients and agencies alike. This is a state of the art take on event contracting and it really is revoltionary. Their product design is innovative and of very high quality and they cover a wide range of cities across Asia to make them a great choice for events in the region.

Winner: Iroco

Asia’s Leading Destination Management Company of 2016 The winner of this award needs to have a clear track record in the region. A solid footing in key Asian countries and experience in delivering events and servicing event organisers across the region.

The winner has an impressive portfolio of events and clients and for each of them, is able to provide a unique experience for their visitors. Not only the creativity and innovation they customize for each client, but also in adding and integrating a piece of local culture into the experience. The judges were very impressed with how professional the company and described them as an “Outstanding DMC with very impressive events.

Winner: Destination Asia

Best Launch Event for 2015/2016
Each year hundreds of events are launched in the region and picking one stand out event for content, audience, production and feedback is always going to be difficult. This year the judges chose a winner who had the wow factor in the scope and scale of the event they launched. The winner created a huge event with acclaimed international celebrities. They were impressed with the complexity of the show and the intricacies of managing such a project of this size in terms of PR, bookings, entertainment and number of attendees.

Winner: Studio City Hotels Limited – Grand Opening

Best Conference for 2016 This award focuses on the whole experience of the conference, from planning to execution. It’s important to see if the event achieved the aims they set out, whether it be service to its members, moving it’s agenda forward, or financial returns. More importantly, it’s whether the conference provided attendees with a good experience in terms of the speakers, quality of presentations, information provided to them, venue, and service.

The winner had exactly this; it was informative for the delegates and clear in what they set out to do, tackling the existing issues head on and showed great examples in overcoming this adversity and other issues that lie ahead.

The judges singled out their modern approach to educational events, they were able to take full advantage of technology and social media to maximise its impact and amplification. As a whole the judges were most impressed with how professional the company was as a whole and this set them out from the competition.

Winner: The Production House Group

Best Event Networking Venue
A good networking event venue can really enhance the networking experience and help attendees make meaningful connections. To make sure your networking event venue gives your event the edge it should be: Unique, Accessible, Open, Comfortable, and Fun.

The winning networking venue was able to show the uniqueness, creativity and to provide the best networking platform allowing all attendees’ to focus simply on mingling with their co-attendees. The judges really loved the various unique spaces to host private events. They offer a stunning environment and experiences that will surely create great memories and bonding between guests. It’s been described as an incredibly beautiful resort where you can easily mix business with pleasure.

Winner: The Pullman Phuket Arcadia Naithon Beach

MICE Asia Pacific Exhibition 2016 – 21st & 22nd September 2016
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