Mt. Iglit-Baco National Park

The Mt. Iglit-Baco National Park is a 75,445 ha of mountain range in Occidental Mindoro. In 1970 it was declared as a national park, covers at least eight major river systems and rough terrain consisting of slopes, river gorges and plateaus. Here can find some rare faunas that are indigenous to the area which are hardly find in other parts of the country such as Almaciga, Kamagong, Kalantas and Tindalo.

The park serves as a dwelling place for endemic tamaraws or dwarf water buffaloes, which is seriously endangered. Aside from tamaraws there are also numbers of animal species and birds that found in the area. There are Philippine deer, wild pigs as well as Mindoro cloud rat. Some of the endemic birds in the area are heart pigeon, Mindoro imperial pigeon, Mindoro scops owl and scarlet collared flowerpecker.

Due to destructive farming and deforestation only about 3% of the area were preserved. Only a small part of lowland rain, mountains and cloud forest serves as home for threatened endemic animal and indigenous Mangyan tribe of Mindoro. In 1900 there were 10,000 tamaraws, as of 2007 there are only about 300 tamaraws seen in the area.

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