Mt. Pulag National Park

Mt. Pulag National Park is known as a trekking destination of mountaineers. It is the second highest peak in the country with 11,550 ha of land mass and an elevation of 2, 922 m above sea level. This area was proclaimed as a national park in 1987 to preserve its natural features. Positioned on the mountain range of Cordillera, within the region of Cordillera Administrative Region and Cagayan Valley, the mountain is characterized by steep to very steep slopes and rolling zones at the mountain peak.

This mossy forest serves as a natural habitat for endemic species of wild plants such as dwarf bamboo and benguet pineas; there are also different species of ferns and orchids as well as wild species of birds, Philippine deer, giant bushy tailed cloud rats and long haired fruit bats.

The park does not only serve as a habitat for large numbers of fauna but also serves as an important source of water for domestic to industrial use, irrigation and hydroelectric power production and aquaculture of the province.

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