Lake Lanao National Park

Lake Lanao National Park borders the province of Lanao del Sur and west-central Mindanao. It has a total area of 34,700 ha. The north of the lake is swallowing and gradually goes deeper towards the south. The depth of the lake is ranging from 60 to 112 m. The lush vegetation is represented by abundance of reed-beds of cat tail species and large areas of water hyacinth there are also aquatic plants such as white waterlilies and ribbongrass. To protect the area with abundance of marine life this lake was declared as a national park and reserve under the bureau of Forestry.

Some of the marine species in the area are catfish, climbing perch, cyprinids, eels, goby, mudfish, tilapia, plasalit as well as freshwater shrimp and snails. Some cyprinids endemic to the lake are: ray-finned fish, baolan, spotted barb, longfin gunnel, black spot barb, red barb, manalak, bagbagan and palometa. The park is also home for a large number of waterfowl such as herons, ducks, geese, swams, coots, and rails. The area is known for deep sea fishing and boating, swimming and other outdoor activities.

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