Mayon Volcano National Park

Established as a National Park in 1938, Mt. Mayon the volcano with most perfect cone and majestic height is known for its frequent eruptions. This 5,459 ha area is 553 km from Manila and 10 km from the gulf of Albay. It summit measures 2,421 m above sea level. The cities surrounding Mayon Volcano are Legaspi City, Ligao City and Tabaco City.

Mayon Volcano is the most active volcano in the Philippines. Records show that there were 47 eruptions in the history prior to the 2006 eruption. The 1814 eruption was the most destructive that buried the town of Cagsawa, the bell tower of the town’s church remains above the new surface.

The forest park fostered a wide diversity of floras and faunas. The mossy forest shelters large range of rare flora such as pitcher plant and tree ferns. There are also 156 species of plants belonging to dipterocarp species. Dwells here are 57 species of birds such as fruit doves and some endemic birds in the Philippines such as: the Philippine scops owl, Philippine horned owl, Philippine Hanging Parakeet and Philippine red jungle fowl. Other species in the area are herpetofauna and mammalian. The park is a good sight for mountain climbing, bird watching and photography.

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