Mt. Arayat National Park

An extinct volcano measuring 3,715 ha was declared as a National Park in 1933 intended for eco-tourism with overriding concern on conservation and preservation of the natural resources. The park is located at the municipality of Arayat in the province of Pampanga. The lush vegetation of the area nurtures wide variety of wild animals. On the foot the mountain is a picnic ground surrounded by lush foliage, waterfalls, fish ponds, swimming pools and other recreational facilities.

The Mt. Arayat National Park is one of the best places to trek. It has two trails going to the peak: peak 1 can be accessed from the municipality of Arayat, while the peak 2 can be access from the municipality of Magalang. There are two trails going to the peak of the mountain. It will take 3-4 hours hiking before reaching the peak 1. This peak has a spectacular panoramic view of Central Luzon: on the west is the view of the Pampanga River and the mountains of Zambales and Bataan while on the east is a magnificent view of the mountains of Sierra Madre range.

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