Lake Danao National Park

In 1965, the 1,500 ha thickly forested hills of Leyte were declared as a National Park. Lake Danao is a small freshwater on Mount Danao (has an elevation of 1600 m); a paradise fosters lush selections of flora and faunas. The depth of the lake drop off to 182 m and the bottom is covered with sandy and clay sediments The Mountain is characterized as humid tropical forest with Imperata cylindrical. There are rice paddies and fields of sugar cane around the area. The area is popular for boating, swimming and deep sea fishing.

The park serves as a habitat for wide species of fish such as catfish, carp, Indian milk fish, tilapia and giant eels. There are also variety of waterfowl species such as ducks, egrets, grebes and herons. Trekking on the slopes of the surrounding ridges is the best aerial view of the lake.

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