Macao Requests Suspension of Tour Groups after Typhoon

Macao Requests Suspension of Tour Groups after Typhoon

Macau (Macao SAR) – August 27, 2015 ( – Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) conducted an urgent meeting with representatives of travel agency associations this morning and requested local travel agencies to suspend their arrangements of tour groups to Macao starting from today (25 August) until 30 August. MGTO will conduct further evaluation of the situation again next week to make any latest arrangement. The request was made with the hope to cut down on tour group arrangements to Macao so that more resources can be allocated for the top priority mission of restoring the city from the catastrophe.

At the same time, MGTO will contact China National Tourism Administration and its counterparts in Shenzhen and Hong Kong to coordinate corresponding arrangements for tour groups from the Mainland.

At present, water and power supply has not fully resumed in Macao yet. Some hotels and guest houses remain affected by water and power shortage while catering services are confronted with the shortage of goods and supplies as well. Furthermore, with damaged facilities and the blockage of some roads after the typhoon, frontline workers and volunteers are facing an immense number of tasks to tackle the aftermath. The whole city has begun pouring out efforts in the work of restoration from the typhoon. Therefore, the Office also urges visitors to carefully reconsider their planned upcoming trips to Macao and assess the latest situation.

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