Kiidu Qualified and Trustworthy Nannies On Demand

Kiidu Qualified and Trustworthy Nannies On Demand

Bangkok (Thailand) – August 22, 2016 ( – Kiidu is the 1st online company in South East Asia to provide caregivers on demand. Kiidu is an online platform that easily connects parents with qualified and trustworthy nannies. Kiidu is a recent startup growing at a healthy monthly rate. We have more than 1,000 nannies in our data base. Currently we only provide nannies in Thailand. However we have future plans to expand regionally and add other types of caregivers to our platform as well.

Kiidu is a real time booking platform that fills a clear gap in the nanny field. Our average response rate to customer requests is less than a minute and we enjoy very high satisfaction levels. We do extensive background checks and personal interviews with caregivers before we post their portfolio on our platform. Kiidu also collaborates with the global Nanny Center for workshops and training sessions. We are proud to work with them in making our caregivers better qualified and perform better in their jobs.

Kiidu takes its origin from an experienced mother. She wanted to solve the decade long problem in finding nanny and helpers, she could trust her kids with during her transient stays spanning Europe, Middle East and Asia. A persistent problem for her was the inability to find nannies she could trust with her kids. Hotels were not able to provide qualified nannies on short notice and finding nannies through numerous local nanny agencies was very time consuming and disappointing.

Realising that other travelling moms must face the same challenge she decided to address the issue by launching an online platform designed for such transient parents in mine. It is the hope at Kiidu that parents can more often enjoy their holiday and expat experiences with assurance that their kids are well taken care of by trustworthy and qualified nannies.

It is important to note that Kiidu is very different from local nanny services and other online caregiver booking services. As an on-demand platform Kiidu is very different from local nanny services. Kiidu additionally differentiates itself with unique features such as posting of comprehensive portfolios for each caregiver, an easily navigable search function for parents to find the right caregiver for their needs and the ability for parents to conduct telephone or video interviews with caregiver prior to booking. Furthermore a review and rating system facilitates selection for the parents and ensures that caregivers perform their assignments at a high quality. Pricing is based on the rating system with premium pricing for special qualifications. This provides a strong incentive for our caregivers to improve their skills and qualifications, which Kiidu is committed to facilitating. Unlike many other online caregiver booking systems our platform is more inclusive and does not require caregivers to register as fee-paying members.

We continue to rapidly grow the number of caregiver profiles featured on our platform and continue to enjoy strong growth rates in customer requests. This has also allowed us to increasingly add more and more partners to use our platform such as hotels and schools.

Each day the Kiidu family keeps getting bigger and bigger based on our passionate drive to offer the most trustworthy and qualified caregivers available in any given local market, easy access and search experience for our customers and continual development of our caregiver qualifications. Please visit us at

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