Pacific Barracuda

Pacific Barracuda are common identified by its upper blue-gray colour with dark bars body and lower silvery with dotted dark blotches. They grow up to maximum size of 4.5 kg and a maximum length of 1.22 m. Pacific barracudas are not dangerous not like Atlantic barracudas. Primarily, barracudas are best caught during summer although they have been nearly a year-round proposition. They are often sea around the reefs or over an isolated peaks or shallow flats. Variety of fishing methods can be used in catching barracudas such as trolling natural baits, lures, or strip baits, deep trolling of lures and minnows, casting lures or drifting, but usually easily caught by bone jigs or bait. Barracudas have a powerful fist run and a high jump that make them as one of the favorite game fish.

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