Naujan Lake National Park

Situated on the northeast coast of Mindoro is a lake borders by for municipalities: Naujan, Pola, Socorro and Victoria in the province of Mindoro Oriental. The Naujan Lake has a total area of 10,875 ha. Proclaimed as a National Park in 1956, this large freshwater lake extends 14 km from north to south and 7 km from east to west. It has a very steep eastern shore with several hot springs while the west land rises gradually and has large area of swallow water rich in aquatic plant. The lake serves as a crocodile sanctuary. The endangered endemic species of Philippine crocodile and estuarine crocodile still occurs in restricted area of the park. There is also diversity of marine life included species of ray finned fish, bigeye trevally and mangrove jack, there are also Indian milk fish, snakeheads, barracudas, tilapias and groupers. A large number of duck and other waterfowl can be seen in the area. Some of the resident species are common moonhen little grebe, purple heron, wandering whistling duck, Philippine duck, purple swamphen, little bittern, green-backed herons, white-browed crake, ruddy-breasted crake, white browed crake, watercock, white breasted waterhen, and little tern. There are also winter waterfowl such as tufted duck, purple swamphen and yellow bittern. The raptors white-bellied sea-eagle, brahminy kite and collared kingfisher also occur at the lake. There is also luxuriant vegetation that provides peculiar enchantment. About 2,000 ha of the lake are dominated by marsh grass and floating mats. The surrounding areas are characterized as a mixture of forest, grassland with some orchard, scrub and coconut plantation.

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