Cleavage is Biggest Pet Peeve of Air Travelers

Cleavage is Biggest Pet Peeve of Air Travelers

Manila (Philippines) – 7 July 2012 – What do air travelers find most offensive about their fellow flyers? A survey revealed that their biggest pet peeve has something to do with cleavage.

The survey, conducted by cheap flight comparison site Skyscanner, said passengers find visible buttock cleavage the most offensive about their traveling kin, with 28% of over 2,700 votes.

Often called “builder’s bum,” buttock cleavage is usually due to ill-fitting trousers and careless bending over.

Sweat patches on clothes ranked second with 22% of votes, followed by midriffs and beer bellies on show (18%), offensive logos on shirts (12%), and white socks with sandals (9%).

Breast cleavage caused relatively little offense with only 4% of votes.

In a statement, Skyscanner said it conducted the survey after an American woman was asked not to board a flight because her exposed cleavage was deemed inappropriate by Southwest Airlines’ staff.

“Whilst we’re sure that Southwest Airlines were just trying to keep their passengers happy, airlines need to stay abreast of what’s really offensive. If luggage fees continue to rise perhaps we’ll see less flesh on display if the trend is for people to wear more clothes on board to avoid paying check-in baggage charges,” Skyscanner spokesman Sam Poullain said.

Below is the full list of air travelers’ pet peeves, according to Skyscanner:
· Men revealing “builder’s bum” (28%)
· Sweat patches on clothes (22%)
· Midriff/beer belly on show (18%)
· Offensive logos on t-shirts (12%)
· White socks and sandals (9%)
· Ladies with low-cut tops displaying cleavage (4%)
· Men with hairy chest on show (2%)
· Noisy jewelry (2%)
· Football shirts (1%)
· Flip flops (0.5%)
· Other things (1.5%)

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