Historic Town of Vigan

The City of Vigan is the capital of the province of Ilocos Sur. Located on the western coast of the Luzon and facing South China Sea. It was established in 15th century as a Southeast Asian commercial trading seaport. In 1572, a group of Spanish voyager headed by Captain Juan de Salcedo arrived in Vigan. The successful voyage in the North led Don Juan Salcedo to establish Villa Fernandina de Vigan in honour of King Philip II’s son, Prince Ferdinand. As a reward to his exceptional service the King Philip II of Spain awarded the province of Ilocos as his Encomienda. This 11 km town in Ilocos was inscribed in the World Heritage List of UNESCO in 1999 on the following basis: the unique blend of Asian building design and construction with European colonial architecture and planning; and the exceptional intact and preservation of the colonial town in Asia. In order to preserve this historic town of Vigan the local government evokes all the processes of caring and maintaining the cultural significance of the town.

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