Riskline Issues Latest Advice for Travel Managers, Business Travellers

Riskline Issues Latest Advice for Travel Managers, Business Travellers

Copenhagen, Denmark, April 25, 2020 /TRAVELINDEX/ Leading global risk company Riskline has released its latest report detailing risk levels around the world, specific country updates and the latest advice. These travel risks have been compiled by Riskline’s worldwide team of travel risk analysts who monitor and review issues daily.

Here are the main points:

• Andorra and Iran downgraded from Extreme to High

• COVID-19 risk level for Canada upgraded from High to Extreme given the surge of cases in the country over the past week – predominantly in the provinces of Quebec and Ontario.

• Cases in Russia have nearly tripled over the past week, and doubled in Brazil and Mexico.

• The United States is well on its way to reaching 1 million cases, which is likely to happen by next week, especially if states continue to relax some lockdown measures.

• Protests against COVID-19 stay at home restrictions have taken place across the US, including in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Idaho, California, Oregon, Texas, Pennsylvania, Florida and North Carolina, as right-wing activists demand that businesses be reopened.

• Tornados are more common in the US during the spring. Preparations for and response to natural disasters are complicated by the COVID-19 outbreak; authorities must update plans and respond in ways that reduce the risk of transmission. Those affected by evacuation orders or forced to seek communal shelter following a disaster may be at higher risk of contracting the virus as some distancing measures – such as ‘stay at home’ – may not be possible.

About Riskline
Helping you adapt your duty of care during covid-19, and prepare for after. Riskline helps organisations manage the political and security risks associated with travel, including to hostile environments. We specialise in serving firms in the travel and security sectors, but can assist any organisation, from multinationals with a global reach to small and medium enterprises looking to break into new markets. Riskline is a world class travel risk intelligence company. We provide country and city risk assessments and realtime alert messaging to fulfil duty of care requirements before and during travel. Trusted by global TMCs, small businesses and everyone in between, Riskline has been in operation since 2007.

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