O.S.S. Bar Celebrates International Women’s Day with Guest Shifts from Female Bartenders

O.S.S. Bar Celebrates International Women's Day with Guest Shifts from Female Bartenders - TOp25BARS.comBangkok, Thailand, February 28, 2024 / TRAVELINDEX / In honor of International Women’s Day, The O.S.S. Bar, nestled within the heart of Bangkok’s Jim Thompson Heritage Quarter, is delighted to announce a special celebration – The O.S.S. Allies – throughout March, showcasing the talents of Asian female bartenders through special guest shifts. This event is a tribute to the remarkable contributions and achievements of women in the hospitality industry, highlighting their creativity, skill, and passion. Guests are invited to join us in this unique experience, where they can savor exclusive, specially crafted cocktails by some of the most talented female mixologists in the region. This is a golden opportunity for cocktail connoisseurs to interact with renowned mixologists.

Our dynamic roster of guest shifts showcases:

● March 1: Air Benjawan , former head bartender at Rabbit Hole, Highball Bkk and Kilik Social Club; Pumpui Wanaya, Managing Partner at Sixteen Grapes and Saimai Nantharat, Former Brand Advocate for Stranger & Sons.

● March 5: Lina Kang, award-winning mixologist, from IT Bar in South Korea.

● March 16: Alex from OTO, a Japanese-themed cocktail bar in Manila.

● March 21: Fah Beer Suchada , owner of Lost in Thaislation; her birthday and shift coincides with Jim Thompson’s birthday.

● March 23: Chanel Adams, Bar Manager at The Bamboo Bar, Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok.

● March 26: Moa Chadchayaphat, Jameson Brand Ambassador from Thailand; her shift coincides with the day Jim Thompson disappeared.

Special highlights include Fah Beer’s guest shift on March 21st, celebrating both International Women’s Day and Jim Thompson’s birthday, and Moa’s guest shift on March 26th, marking the day Jim Thompson disappeared.

The O.S.S. Bar is a haven for cocktail enthusiasts and mixology aficionados. The bar combines vintage charm with contemporary sophistication, becoming a must-visit for discerning travelers seeking a nuanced Bangkok nightlife experience.

This event is an opportunity to celebrate the month of International Women’s Day and the legacy of Jim Thompson while enjoying special cocktails in a sophisticated setting. Join us at The O.S.S. Bar in March to raise a glass to the talented women shaping the future of bartending.

The O.S.S. Bar is open every night, 6 pm–12 am (midnight).

About Jim Thompson
No brand spells heritage like Jim Thompson, the Thai Silk Company founded in 1951 by James H.W. Thompson, an architect, art collector, socialite, and entrepreneur who is recognized as the driving force behind the revival of Thailand’s silk industry. Jim Thompson’s disappearance remains one of Southeast Asia’s most intriguing unsolved mysteries. Today, Jim Thompson is the iconic global lifestyle brand from Thailand with a reputation for beautiful silks and “Beyond Silk”.

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