First-Ever Online Tour and Travel Booking Platform to Experience Pakistan

First-Ever Online Tour and Travel Booking Platform to Experience Pakistan

Islamabad, Pakistan, May 14, 2021 / TRAVELINDEX / Online Pakistan tour and travel booking startup, PakVoyager connects travellers to local hotels, tour operators, and car rental companies that publish their tour packages on the company’s platform. Tourists can book everything they need for their Pakistan holiday online in one place on PakVoyager’s website via credit card.

Pakvoyager aims to provide traditional tour operators a digital booking platform to publish their Pakistan tours online and facilitate greater reach internationally. It is the only platform in Pakistan that provides online bookings with an omnichannel experience through social media platforms, online chat, WhatsApp, email, and phone for travellers to get customized tour packages and to provide them easy access to customer support. It also offers flexible cancellations too along with authentic content about popular tourist destinations in Pakistan which include delicacies, festivals, and must-see attractions.

“Pak Voyager was borne from my deep understanding of the need for ease and dependability when booking travel and the technology that can make it happen. But, it was also borne from my desire to help foreign tourists to experience the real Pakistan and to be as profoundly shaped by Pakistan’s mountains, lakes, and remote landscapes as I was,” said the founder of the company.

With the motto of promoting sustainable tourism, PakVoyager has set up its office in Hunza valley, a top tourist destination in Pakistan, and hired locals so that host communities benefit from tourism in Pakistan.

About PakVoyager
PakVoyager is a world-class digital platform that helps connect foreign travellers with local hospitality providers, all the while enabling tourists to experience the magic of Pakistan and to better the country and its precious environment. The founder has 10 plus years of experience in technology, ecommerce, and digital payments. Being a native resident of Hunza valley, he has invaluable knowledge of Pakistan tourism.

The company has an international office in the UAE to forge international partnerships with other B2B companies in the travel industry to offer its customers the best possible range of services. PakVoyager’s local office in Hunza Valley, the popular tourist destination of Pakistan, enables it to keep in close contact with local hoteliers and tour operators, as well as look after customers during their time in Pakistan.

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