Saint Ange Tourism Report – 22nd April 2019

Saint Ange Tourism Report – 22nd April 2019

Victoria, Mahe (Seychelles) – April 24, 2019 ( – Tourism in Seychelles is currently being discussed throughout the islands of Mahe, Praslin and La Digue. Expectations have grown as more and more Seychellois have invested heavily in this industry that has become the pillar of the island’s economy. My era as the Minister responsible for Seychelles Tourism has been recognised as very successful years.

The need to now continue the growth is essential because many Seychellois have invested their life savings in this industry, as they believed it would be the springboard for greater successes. The Seychellois workforce also depend directly or indirectly on tourism as the industry to provide for them and their families. The only way this can happen is to see continued growth of the industry the Seychelles economy so depends on. Seychelles needs to remove barriers and obstacles that are seen as challenges for the industry and refrain from being overconfident and start pricing it out of the market. These would be mistakes that could really cost the People of Seychelles as a whole.

Respect breeds a better society as Reunion Island spells it out

Respect will bring a more united world as respect brings the freedom everyone wishes for. Respect brings harmony and the spirit of togetherness. Words in Reunion Island echoed by Faouzia Aboubacar Ben Vitry, the Muslim Vice President of the island’s Regional Council caught the eye of so many as she wished everyone Happy Easter.

Mrs Faouzia Aboubacar Ben Vitry said:
“Yesterday was the Chinese New Year and new Tamil Day, today is Easter, tomorrow will we shall see Eid … etc. That’s the face of my multicultural island that I love passionately!

May joy slip into your hearts from the first moments of the morning of Easter and continue throughout the year!

Sudan & Kenya needs Africa to be by their side

The situation that Sudan and Kenya are facing, needs Africa as a whole to understand their dilemma and to be by their side. The Government change in Sudan now needs to move to reconstruction phase and enable their tourism industry players to rally to put the economy on the road of consolidation. The USPs (Unique Selling Points) of Sudan are real sought after assets. Their pyramids are some of the biggest in the world and their underwater world in Sudan’s Red Sea remains a real gem. Members of the tourism industry are writing looking for assistance and the African Tourism Board remains committed to be by their side.

For Kenya, it remains the duty of Africa to stand with Minister Najib Balala, the CS for Tourism and with the Government of Kenya in the recent kidnapping of Doctors and Bomb Threats. Tourism is a success story in Kenya and they need, more than ever, their fellow friends and neighbours to spread their successes and to work with them to help counteract the effects of troubles they face from bandits from across their borders. Kenya’s wildlife is as much an asset for Kenya as it is for Africa and is another key USP. Today, the African Tourism Board confirms that they stand with Minister Balala, the Kenyan Government and People of Kenya and will work with them as and when called upon.

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