Dining Experience Like No Other with Michelin Stars

Dining Experience Like No Other with Michelin Stars

Bangkok (Thailand) – August 16, 2016 (travelindex.com) – As one of Thailand’s most respected International Chefs, Chef Henk has led a long and illustrious career as the only Chef to have attained four Michelin Stars for his four restaurants in his native Netherlands. Restaurant Savelberg Thailand is a gourmet, modern French restaurant, with a Dutch touch; striving to serve up absolute quality in dining with focus on luxury in details.

Being one ofthe founders of Les Patrons Cuisiniers, a highly exclusive Dutch organization comprising only 23 top chef owners, who have proved themselves with culinary creativity, consistent quality and professional skills, Chef Henk has invite five Michelin starred chefs of Les Patrons Cuisiniers to gather in Bangkok for a dining experience like no other.

Under the concept “Dining with the Stars”, the dining event will take place on Tuesday 25th October 2016 with one 3* Chef, two 2* Chefs and three 1* Chefs holding 10 Michelin Stars between them, each Chef will create their signature dishes and amuses for the occasion.

Dining with the Stars
A gastronomic journey across the senses is waiting for you as 6 of Europe’s finest chefs prepare the creations that have earned them a total of 10 Michelin Stars. With Three Michelin Stars the highest accolade in the world of fine dining, imagine the creations to be enjoyed crafted by the hands of an astonishing Ten Michelin Stars. In the first event of its kind in Thailand, 6 Michelin Starred Chefs from the Netherlands invite you to discover the unique signature dishes of their cuisinethat have made them a household name in their native land.

Hosted by Chef Henk Savelberg and Restaurant Savelberg Thailand, guests are invited to an elegant evening of superlative cuisine and fine wines in the plush new ballroom of the Oriental Residence Hotel. More than a mere dinner, the evening will be an exclusive experience encompassing an art exhibition by Lotus Arts de Vivre, Thailand’s preeminent jewelry and objet d’art house, welcoming diners with a pre-dinner cocktail reception and rousing palates for the multi course banquet ahead.

Along with the fine food and drink, and art exhibition by Lotus Arts de Vivre, guests will be overjoyed to know that a portion of the event’s proceeds will be donated to the SOS Children’s Villages Thailand, a charity supporting the welfare of children and their families. Very near to his heart, Chef Henk has been working ceaselessly to support them for many years.

Meet the Chefs

Henk Savelberg – Being of the founders of Les Patrons Cuisiniers, Henk Savelberg is proud to have invited significant luminaries of the Dutch culinary scene, who are members of Les Patrons Cuisiniers, to participate in the ‘Dining with the Stars’ event.

Cees Helder – Cees Helder is the former restaurant owner of Parkheuvelin Rotterdam. He was the first Head Chef in the Netherlands to acquire three Michelin stars. Helderobtained his first Michelin star when he was Head Chef at Villa Rozenrust.

Martin Kruithof – Martin Kruithofis Head Chef of the Lindenhofin the Dutch city Giethoorn. The restaurant serves regional cuisine, incorporating dishes from both French and international cuisine as well.

Jarno Eggen – Jarno Eggen is Head Chef of De GroeneLantaarna fine dining restaurant located in Zuidwoldein the Netherlands.

Raymond Prinssen – Raymond Prinsen took over as Head Chef of De StenenTafel, a restaurant located in Borculo in the Netherlands, in 1994.

Wilco Berends – WilcoBerends is Head Chef of De Nederlanden, a restaurant and hotel, located in a monumental building on one of the most picturesque sites of the Netherlands in Vreeland aande Vecht.

Chef Henk Savelberg and Restaurant Savelberg Thailand cordially invites all to discover the passion and talent of some of The Netherland’s top culinary masters.

For reservations. please call +66 (0) 2252 8001 or info@savelbergth.com

Savelberg Thailand
at Oriental Residence
110 Wireless Road
Lumpini, Pathumwan
Bangkok 10330
Tel: +66 (0) 2252 8001
Email: info@savelbergth.com
Web: www.savelbergth.com

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