Bulabog-Putian National Park

Situated in the municipality of Dingle in the island of Panay is the the Bulabog-Putian which was established as a national park in 1961. The Bulabog Mountain has a total of 834,033 ha land mass and under the protection of the Department of Tourism. The development of the area as an ecotourism enfolded with rules and regulation that will protect the ecosystem and preserve the natural beauty of the area. The park features caves, limestone rock formation, lake, natural springs such as Moroboro and Talinab springs both serve as an auxiliary source of waterworks in the area. The park is known for its forest caves, one of these is the Lungib cave that served as the armory of the Battle Cry of Panay. Phosphate rock deposits are found in the caves of the mountain. As an old growth forest it shelters a wide diversity of flora and fauna.

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