Big Game Fishing

Philippines is a natural fishing ground with 7,107 islands, 17,640 km of coastline and 150 million hectares of marine water surely one can find a wide diversity of marine life. Deep fishing is a nice recreational activity although it is not as popular as diving and snorkeling in the Philippines, there are some fishing clubs or sport fishing charters such as Philippine Anglers Game Fishing Foundation, Blue Sky Sport Fishing, Filipino Anglers and KI Marine Sports Center that can assist anglers. The cheapest way to fish in the Philippines is to hire a boat to some boatmen who really make a living thru fishing for they can take anglers to nice fishing ground for a cheaper price. With 2,400 species of fish dwell in these grounds it is not impossible to fish year-round from local fishing to offshore fishing. During the month of March to May there is an abundance of jack and travelly, yellowfin tuna and skipjack tuna. The month of August to November is the high season for fishing wherein one can catch almost everything. The finest fishing grounds can be seen along the coast of Ilocos, Mactan, Batangas, Zambales, Bicol Region, Visayan Islands, and Mindanao particularly Surigao.

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