Aurora Memorial National Park

This quiet 5,676 ha forest park of Aurora Memorial National Park was established in 1937. The Aurora Memorial National Park is within the Sierra Madre, an elongated chain of mountains extending down the east coast of north and central Luzon Island. The park is surrounded by rainforest, mossy forest, river and springs. It has a rich vegetation and home of wide diversity of flora and fauna. Serves as a home to 19 amphibians, 30 reptiles (lizards, snakes and turtle) it also serves as a home to the endangered Philippine eagle and Luzon water redstart, vultures, falcons and hawks. Before entering the park a guide and permit is needed to proceed to the mountain peak. In order to protect the natural resources and preserve the area, the park was subjected to various activities that will initiate rehabilitation and restoration of the area such as organizing and training five forest guard per community, establishment of communal nursery, agro-forestry area, translation of biodiversity data to layman’s term, establishment of erosion bunds on the damaged sites of the forest, development of eco-tourism trails and site.

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