Raja Sikatuna National Park

The Raja Sikatuna National Park is the largest tract of forest in Bohol. It covers about 9,000 ha. The park has a numerous limestone formation and a well maintained trail going to its summit. The forest park serves as a dwelling for civet, tarsier, wild monkeys and monitor lizard as well to some endemic bird species in the Philippines. The park is one of the top birding spot of the country. Some of the birds that can be seen in the area are azure-breasted pitta, black-headed munia, black-napped monarch, black-crowned babbler, black-naped oriole, blue fantail, bicolored flowerpecker, orange-bellied flowerpecker, white-bellied woodpecker, Eurasian tree sparrow, cattle egret, yellow egret, Philippine Trogon, Winchell’s kingfisher and white-eared brown dove. It also serves as a haven for wildcats, black lemurs and monkeys.

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