Mt. Isarog National Park

Mt. Isarog in Camarines Sur is 20 km east of the municipality of Naga and 420 km south of Manila. In 1938, it was proclaimed as a national park under the protection of Department of Environment and Natural Resources with partnership with the European Union for the Conservation of Nature. It has a total area of 10,112 ha. The park serves as refuge to endemic flora and fauna, waterfalls and to the indigenous Agta tribes.

Among the waterfalls found in the area, the 13 m Malabsay Falls is the most popular, with its magnificent waterfall and enchanting lagoon. Within the slope of gorge are beautiful rare floras and neon colored dragonflies fluttering around the lagoon.

The elevation of the mountain reaches at 1,976 meters above sea level. It serves as a haven to 1,300 species of floras including fascinating orchids, medicinal and flowering plants, hardwood trees, mosses, and ferns. There are also wild boars, deer, squirrels, monkeys and untamed rodents. A number of endemic animals also dwell here such as Mt. Isarog shrew mouse, Mt. Isarog Shrew rat, Isarog Shrew rat and the isolated forest frogs. .Also seen in the park is a wide diversity of birds; there are about 143 kinds of birds in which 15 of those are endemic. The park is considered to be the last Rainforest Mountain in Southern Luzon. Here lies a number of the breath taking waterfalls both known unknown.

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