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Discover Myanmar’s Magical Destinations with Best Western

Naypyidaw (Myanmar) – February 21, 2018 (travelindex) – Myanmar is a truly breathtaking land, where stunning scenery, exquisite cultures and iconic images combine to create an exciting and enchanting destination for international travelers. However, in a country larger than Thailand,…read more →

Siam Delightful Chinese New Year with One Siam

Bangkok (Thailand) – February 16, 2018 ( – Siam Piwat Co., Ltd. as “One Siam” invests more than 50 million baht in organizing “Siam Delightful Chinese New Year” to celebrate Chinese New Year, as well as sending promotional campaigns to…read more →

Find Your Voice Asia with Able Wanamakok

Phuket (Thailand) – February 19, 2018 ( – Phuket-based International TV presenter, News Anchor and MC Able Wanamakok, the driving force behind the recent Inspired Phuketian series of motivational talks, has embarked her next venture in the booming life-coaching industry…read more →

Biodegradable Straws in All Asilia Camps in Tanzania

Arusha (Tanzania) – February 9, 2018 ( – Asilia Africa is proud to announce the introduction of biodegradable straws in all its camps. “Waste reduction is one part of our sustainability drive,” says Cai Tjeenk Willink, Asilia’s Group Operations Manager.…read more →

Travel 4 Good – Problems & Solutions

Chiang Mai (Thailand) – February 13, 2018 ( – Thomas Cook formed his tour company in Britain in the 1800’s. The commission- based supply chain he established became the template for the development of mainstream tourism worldwide. Unfortunately as the…read more →

Saint Ange Tourism Report – 12th February 2018

Victoria, Mahe (Seychelles) – February 12, 2018 ( – The Indian Ocean Region is dominating the news these days and Seychelles is right in the middle of it all with the proposal to facilitate the creation of a military base…read more →